I keep thinking video

by: Karola Dirnberger - 06/8-10 at 07.19

As I read more blogs and sites on video, what they dont seem to give you is the information of how important it it so look at your audience. Its not just the story telling, its connecting, eye to eye with your audience. One of the reason that President Obama has such trouble keeping his public invested in him is that he avoids eye contact. Next time he is giving a speech, watch him. He looks to the right and then to the left. He never ever looks directly into the camera or in the center of the group in front of him. What did your mother tell you? Look someone in the eye if you want to make your point and be believable. So I am reminding you all, when speaking to anyone, make eye contact. Use the camera as the other persons eye. I know when we are filming, if an actor looks right into the camera, we cannot use that take. That is simply because the camera is suppose to be voyeuristic in nature, not an actual being. In our case of speaking to your audience, its the opposite. So remember, to always create a connection with your audience. There is nothing better in video marketing.

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