Kiss Video

by: Karola Dirnberger - 11/8-10 at 06.26

One of the bests bits of advice I can give anyone when making your video is to relax. Its not Hollywood. Not yet anyway. The absolute best thing you can do while delivering your message is to deliver it as if you were talking to a client. Preferably one you like, who gets you excited to talk about what you do. Its that simple. If you could only be taped while making a sale, you would see when you are being sincere and when you are not. So remember that being real and getting your message out through sincerity will always get you further than if its contrived. Practicing what you are going to say in front of a mirror helps a lot. Speaking out loud is very different than reading from a page and when you hear yourself, you have the chance to edit out the words which do not serve your message. Its just as important to take all the proper steps for a video as you would for your job. Think it through from beginning to end. Keep it simple and to the point. Go from A to B to C making it easy to follow. Jumping around usually lands you in a hot pot of stewy mess and loses your message. Give it the Kiss as we call it Keep It Simple Silly

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