Treasurer, Convention Delegate

Thank you for your time and interest in this upcoming election. I am running for the position of Treasurer and Convention Delegate. I am asking for your support and most importantly your vote. The question I get asked the most is if I have any experience with bookkeeping or accounting. Here is a little of my history and my experience.

  • Member of IATSE 873 Makeup department since 1972
  • Recording Secretary for 20 years
  • Member of Health and Safety Committee, Convention Delegate and Shop Steward
  • Commercial Course Graduate incorporating legal, bookkeeping and payroll
  • McLaren Advertising as budgeting and coordinating producer
  • J. Walter Thompson Advertising as Producer including budgeting, coordinating and development of multimillion dollar advertising campaigns
  • Headed up large budget accounts including General Motors, Ford, Molsons and Labatt Breweries, and Proctor and Gamble
  • TDF Film Productions as a producer of commercials and Oscar Winning Expo Film Place to Stand

Part of any successful venture includes learning from the past, dealing with today and keeping focus towards a better future. It is imperative that we look forward and put things in place for both our young and ageing membership. Our brothers and sisters should know and feel that their health care needs are looked after.

Having both above the line and below the line experience has served me well in my years with IA. I am looking to bring my knowledge, passion and experience to the position of Treasurer so that the fiscal foundations of IA grow stronger and that the health care plan grows rather than diminishes.

Listening to you first, understanding your needs second, then being able to build towards a common goal will give us the forward movement and thinking required to create the best fiscal and health care plan to date. This is my mandate. When it comes to finances, being up to date with the unions financial standings and having those available at all times is imperative. Being available to the membership is important. Answering and returning all calls promptly is not just a common courtesy, it is proper business etiquette.

For those members who are looking for a change to a forward thinking, proactive, and diligent Treasurer, then vote for me.